DarkPicket – the Solution

Due to the nature of the cybersecurity industry, it has always been a matter of managing risk versus convenience. There exists a gap that ensures that there will always be a chance of a breach, no matter how much you spend on your cybersecurity. DarkPicket Limited was founded on the idea that the gap can be closed by pioneering a different method for endpoint protection. Our endpoints are where we are most vulnerable to malware and phishing. By ensuring every endpoint is 100% protected, no breach can happen.

Our Story

After 3 years of brainstorming and development with a highly qualified and experienced team, DarkPicket ForceField was born. Unprecedented software that can block files at the point in the execution process prior to running and committing to memory. Coupled with cloud based AI via whitelisting and blacklisting, and powerful remote deployment capabilities, it is the ultimate defence system against malware and any unwanted code, no matter the size of your network.

Our Team

Our team consists of individuals with experience in high levels of IT security in corporate and national security projects. We can create bespoke versions of our software to integrate into large scale enterprise solutions for any industry, including banking, ATMs and AI machinery.

Our Mission

We are committed to the protection of individuals and businesses from cyber criminals at the most affordable prices possible. The safety of your sensitive data and that of your clients is of the utmost importance. We are devoted to our work of keeping the world digitally secure.

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