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Endpoint Security that Blocks Malware Before it Enters

DarkPicket runs on one of the lowest levels in the system which enables it to pick up deeply embedded code that may be missed by commercial protection software.

At the same time, DarkPicket is able to block software at the point in the execution process before a file is executed and committed to memory.

 Neither late, nor early stage protection. It is “right-stage-protection.” This means you rely less on other cyber security services thus saving you money in the long run.

Zero Trust File Policy – Endpoint Security with Full Control

We employ a zero-trust approach. Each file has an assigned hash value. If anything in that file changes, so too does the hash value.

Each hash value is checked by positively vetting – not by “lack of negative” – and access is only allowed if the hash is known and approved.

The administrator has full control over what runs and doesn’t run regardless if it comes from a thumb drive or injected code, nothing can bypass this rule.

World-Class Endpoint Security Service

Since DarkPicket Endpoint Security Services (ForceField) is the first of its kind, there are no other known programs that are able to do what ForceField does.

Guaranteed to be a game changer in the industry, DarkPicket ForceField is the next step in cyber security services evolution.

Our Endpoint Security Service development team consists of world class experience, including that of an individual that held a GovCert position in the EU as well as decades of experience in Windows process controlling.


“I have now been using ForceField as my primary form of cyber protection for more than a year.. There have been no breaches of security while ForceField has been installed. Through the modern dashboard set-up, I have been able to monitor all those attempts that were made, identified, and blocked before any execution. Also, I now have a complete overview of all 100+ endpoints in my system and can now control all the ‘new’ software that is permitted to run within it.”

endpoint security services
Bobo Conradsen
Head of IT & Security – Arken Museum of Modern Art

“Last year, my business was hit by ransomware and it took us 3 hours to start trading again. It had a huge negative impact on our business operations and left us scrambling to come up with temporary solutions. After restoring from a backup and completely refreshing our network, we found DarkPicket Forcefield. It has been running on our network silently in the background. My knowledge in IT is limited, but I feel much safer now that I know it is there blocking potential threats. I also have access to a great support team that is happy to help whenever I need it.”

endpoint security services
Marco Gomes
Owner – Build It Hardware Retail Store


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